An action research program for organisations in Western Europe to explore synchronicity as an organizing principle for resolving the complex challenges of our time
A change of era

Many organizations and sectors are in the midst of tumultuous change. The increasing complexity and speed of change invite for radically different and leapfrog solutions.

What is the best organizational response?

Many organisations are looking for a new set of organizing principles that can unleash our full potential and that brings being human back into the core of our organizations.

Change the way you live your life and how you lead

Discover the ways of working in 21st Century Human Centric Organizations. We explore ‘synchronicity as an organizing principle’ for individuals and other pioneering organizations in our complex and increasingly faster changing world. What does it mean to organise beyond agile and teal?

Action research
new insights and practices are developed and applied. We bring in the state of the art of pioneering organizations.
Action learning
participants take their own personal and work challenges as starting point and are asked to contribute to the program.
Creation in the moment
using emergence and link personal transformation to creating insights that can be used beyond the program.
Experiential learning
we create experiences that take you beyond ‘talking about’ and embody a new way of being.
So, if you are a leader, entrepreneur, strategist, policy maker,
HR professional and you feel attracted, follow your heart.
We are looking for pioneers to help shape21ST century organisations
Are you leading or shaping an organisational transformation? Are you experiencing the challenges of exponential change? Or wondering how you and your colleagues will survive the increasing pace? Do you dream about a human centric organisation where people care for each other, their personal growth, organisational result and the world at large? Have you experienced the magic of everything being connected and solutions emerging effortless? This program is intended for people in pivotal positions who are able to shape the reality around them. We call them pioneers. Alumni invited – This is a new and next level program based on all the learnings of the first 10 years. Alumni are very welcome. To reconnect to essence of the program and to take it further.
Team participation
For the most impact we encourage to participate in a team of minimally three members that face a shared challenge. This team can come from one or more organizations.
English is the main language
The language for the teachings and instructions is English. Dialogues can be in Dutch wherever possible. We made the shift to English based on requests.
Alumni invited
We reinvented ourselves and have created a brand-new program. We invite alumni to come and explore the edges of what is possible.
“Finally, a place where I get words, images and practices of what I intuitively feel what is possible.”
This program is part of the action research program of Erik Mandersloot on Synchronity@Work

This experiential program started in 2009 as part of the Research Program of the Strategy Center of Nyenrode Business University with the aspiration to contribute to the organizational principles of a new era. It explores ‘synchronicity as an organizing principle’ for individuals and organizations in our complex and increasingly faster changing world. The research is part of the PHD research of Erik Mandersloot on Synchronicity@Work.

Since 2018 the program is the laboratory program of Aberkyn. It is starting its 11th cycle in 2019. During the ten years of the program to date a framework has emerged that is easy to understand and practical to use and helps to create the conditions for synchronicity to occur. The framework is the foundation of the design of the program and links and builds upon the work of TheoryU from Otto Sharmer (MIT) & Joseph Jaworski (Generon).

To date, over 500 people of over 40 organizations participated. 25 organizations have participated more than three years. Average evaluation score over the years: 9.

“The invisible force of the program has influenced the board of our organization.”
Part of Aberkyn
Within Aberkyn the outcomes of Touching the Community Soul are being applied. The learnings come back into the program. A laboratory for our future.

At Aberkyn, we expand consciousness of leaders so they transform themselves, their teams and their organizations to be a force for good in this world. Aberkyn is a change leadership company, operates globally and is part of McKinsey & Company.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee per person: € 8550,– excluding travel & lodging (250-350 euro per session) and VAT.

More info

Please reach out or send an email to

Erik Mandersloot
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