Experiential learning

Explore, experience and apply

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Tell me, I’ll forget
Show me, I’ll remember
Involve me, I’ll understand

Wherever possible we like to create particular experiences within the programs. Because by experiencing something all your senses are activated and the insights gained are more easily anchored. Moreover the experiences offer you a chance to go beyond your rational, mental and conceptual state. This way, you’re not just talking about it, but you are actually undergoing what the transformation is about.

That is why, for instance, when it comes to personal development many of the program chapters aim to create a direct and personal experience. This also goes for the modules on group dynamics; they consist of a series of interconnected experiences, interspersed with theory and learning how to apply this to your personal development and your personal work space.

Therefore it is also no coincidence that the Theory U of Otto Scharmer is one of the main inspirations for this program. “Look Differently, be Differently and act Differently” is our motto. A true learning experience means really living through something. So that in the end, by being different; you will also act different.