What is Touching the Community Soul?

Touching the Community Soul is a program based on the organizational principles of a new era. It uses both Action Research (gaining experience in the field) and Action Learning (learning how to apply while in the field). The Program was started in 2009 to help discover new ways of how to respond and find answers to the various crises we all face today.

The era we live in now demands fundamentally new ideas and innovations. Within the various fields and on various levels; directors, leaders, managers and policy makers are being confronted with issues that they simply can’t solve with common solutions anymore.

How do we create sustainable ways to cooperate with each other? In what ways can we elevate our organizations and thereby our society as a whole to the next level? And what will our society and organizations look like after we achieve this new level?

That is precisely what Touching the Community Soul is all about.

The core question is: how does fundamental change take shape?

This is a program about looking at things differently, being different and acting different.

In order to achieve new and essential innovation, you need to do more than simply put a new cover on the same old book. But are we truly prepared to start questioning our contemporary world views and views on humanity? To discover new perspectives that we cannot see yet today? That is why the journey on the inside takes a central stage, because all new organizational changes begin with changes inside of people themselves. A new state of being will then automatically lead to a different end result. Because after being renewed on the inside, you will automatically behave differently in the outside world!

All the information about the program can be found here.