The core Program

Conservation schemes; downsize programs and control systems are a lot of work, but do they generate the desired effect? The accompanying stress and fear certainly do not bring out the best in people and/or organizations. How can we utilize these periods of great change in order to achieve some really fundamental innovation? How can we create sustainable ways of cooperation that will elevate our organizations to a higher level and in turn our society? To achieve a level where the use of our full potential, innovation, sharpness and professional responsibility go hand in hand and lead to added value for all stakeholders without depleting human and natural sources.

"I have received incredible warmth and openness from people that i did not even knew at all. Equals"


“We doen nu een aantal jaren mee. Inmiddels heeft de onzichtbare kracht van het programma de top van onze organisatie beïnvloed. We merken dat we meer doorzettingskracht hebben gekregen en dat we daardoor meer duurzame oplossingen vinden voor de vraagstukken waar we aan werken.”


Ineke de Bruin, directeur zorg van Lucertis, onderdeel van Parnassia Groep

…that by making smart interventions we can develop the consciousness and the conscious behavior of people faster and faster. By scattering (un)conscious patterns and beliefs we can give a new meaning to reality and all its possibilities. This way people step into relationships with others based on their own potential and make those connections from their own identity and uniqueness, leading to autonomy and freedom of their actions. This fundamentally changes the quality of the relationships between the people themselves and the relation between people and nature. All of this will lead to different forms of deliberation, cooperation and decision making and enable new integral ways of solving complex issues. This will give it more meaning, more shape and more content. A new balance will ensue.

Central question

“In what way can we positively influence the groups of people, who together make up a working or living community, in such a way that we can cause a fundamental and sustainable innovation?”

The program

“ThiemeMeulenhoff doet mee aan Touching the Community Soul om het bewustzijn van onze managers te vergroten, waardoor zij beter de verbinding leren maken met hun eigen essentie en van daaruit met anderen, zodat het volle potentieel van een organisatie beter kan worden gemobiliseerd”


Ron Kevenaar, Financieel Directeur ThiemeMeulenhoff

The concept of the core program consists of a combination of exploration, experiencing and practicing. This is done both on the individual as well on the organizational level. The starting point is expanding the consciousness and loosening up all the uncovered potential; the mental, physical, emotional as well as spiritual, both independent of each other and inter-connected. In addition we pay ample attention to the developments in the world around us, the challenge that lies within it and what could develop after all the crises that characterize this era. Each meeting is a unique experience in itself.

The core program consists of four 2-day meetings:

1. Transformation – During these two days we will use the working methods of Theory U and alchemy to get to know each other and to discover the individual challenges we each face. Various speakers will share their vision with us on the current developments in the world and what they think about the consequences for the leaders and organizations in today’s world.

2. Organizing principles of a new age – Together with the help of a few great contributors, we will construct a new and different image of the world and humanity as a whole and look at what that new image will bring us. The participants will then discuss and reflect on this subject from their own personal experience and organizational perspectives. We will use different forms of interaction which will result in an exchange of information and a feeling of enrichment through which the participants can form new insights on the various (personal) issues that have come up.

3. Personal leadership – In this two-day program, participants will work alone and with each other to see how they can best connect the separate groups that they work with in order to create change by using their leadership skills.

4. Creating new realities – How to apply all of this to everyday life, is the central theme and focus of this two-day workshop. Through a variety of examples we will explore what new forms of cooperation and organization could look like in the new age. Various contributors share their original, interesting and inspiring ideas with us while also presenting us with concrete examples.

In addition study groups are formed where the participants are asked to organize a challenge session with each other and also within their own organization. Next to the core program we also offer monthly facultative master classes as well as an educational journey to the Damanhur community in Northern Italy.

More information (in Dutch) about the program is available here:

Speakers (a.o)

Hans Andeweg
Founder of Eco Intention

According to Hans it is possible to heal both nature and culture. He has developed a method for healing at a large scale with a high level of impact. Anyone can do it as described in his recent book The Universe Loves a Happy Ending. All you really need is attention and intention.

Piet Weisfelt
Trainer en coach | Werken met liefdesenergie
Erik Mandersloot
managing partner of Aberkyn

Erik is the initiator of the program that is part of his PHD research on Synchronicity as an organising principle.

Paul de Blot
Prof.dr. in Business Spiritualiteit | Culturele diversiteit
Dirk Oellibrandt
Founder of Life Projects | Alchemie

Life Projects is a unique method that makes the essence of ancient Eastern and Western wisdoms practical and useful for the modern man. It has a focus on the awakening off the true, naturally present potential of the individual, the relationship, the team or the organization and this on both the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual level. The unfolding of your potential life allows you to live to the fullest.

Herman Wijffels
Econoom | Hoogleraar 'duurzaamheid en maatschappelijke verandering' | Co-voorzitter Worldconnectors


For whom?

Decision makers, influencers and/or executives in the field of organization development.

Erik Mandersloot: | 06 531 431 07