The Core Team
Erik Mandersloot
managing partner of Aberkyn

Erik is the initiator of the program that is part of his PHD research on Synchronicity as an organising principle.

Annemiek Streng
Photographer and moviemaker who registers the essence.
Elfried Klarenbeek
entrepreneur & innovator

Elfried is a game changer, always ahead of the curve, exploring what becomes possible next

Lise Schimmel
Mede eigenaar

Hans Andeweg
Founder of Eco Intention

According to Hans it is possible to heal both nature and culture. He has developed a method for healing at a large scale with a high level of impact. Anyone can do it as described in his recent book The Universe Loves a Happy Ending. All you really need is attention and intention.

Piet Weisfelt
Trainer en coach | Werken met liefdesenergie
Paul de Blot
Prof.dr. in Business Spiritualiteit | Culturele diversiteit
Dirk Oellibrandt
Founder of Life Projects | Alchemie

Life Projects is a unique method that makes the essence of ancient Eastern and Western wisdoms practical and useful for the modern man. It has a focus on the awakening off the true, naturally present potential of the individual, the relationship, the team or the organization and this on both the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual level. The unfolding of your potential life allows you to live to the fullest.

Herman Wijffels
Econoom | Hoogleraar 'duurzaamheid en maatschappelijke verandering' | Co-voorzitter Worldconnectors
Nirmala Horzelenberg
Her drive comes from pureness and is focussed on the essence.
Joshua Samson
Live and Learn | Musician