In the words of founder Erik Mandersloot:

“We’re on the brink of a new era following the crises that characterize our current time. But great opportunities reside within those crises, namely the start of a fundamentally different society and a new way of thinking. It should be seen as an invitation for an evolutionary step forward.

The first step in creating a fundamental change lies in changing how we cooperate and interact with each other. Austrian economist Schumpeter distinguished the product-, process- and organization-innovation from each other. In my opinion the latter is the key. Only if we manage to organize ourselves in a different way, can we attain genuine renewal and change. And in order to organize ourselves differently, making ‘the journey inside’ is necessary. We need to find out what is inside of us that blocks the next step forward in how we cooperate.

The direction we choose to take for those new organizing principles at Touching the Community Soul can be found within the basic universal laws, the organizing principles of nature. Nature develops on its own and also has the capability to restore itself. If we can translate those principles to the way people treat themselves, each other and the planet, then we will find keys to a sustainable balance.

The fact that all of this is a major turnaround for all of us has become clear to me over the past years. Our patriarchal society, based on hierarchy and dominance, has made collecting material goods and reducing fear our most important motivators. This has led to many people leading busy lives with very little time for self-reflection and silence. And those are the very starting points for creating a turn around. We all need to escape from the “rat race” and to become more aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it. It is vital for our survival and also crucial in order to help the emergence of true innovation.

The realization that everything is connected to each other is one of the cornerstones of the program. Everything is interdependent. The issues of today demonstrate this. It means that for us to find alternative solutions it is necessary to analyze and approach things on the whole. And by the whole I mean; the whole “system”, the individual, the team, the organization, sector and society.

Unusual yes, but absolutely possible.”