Why sign up?

Participants tell you why

Of course we could give you lots of reasons why you and your organization should participate in the programs at Touching the Community Soul. But we’d rather have the participants tell you themselves. We are proud to say that for the past few years they’ve given us an overall score of 8.6 on a scale of 10.

“We are looking into what will come after “The new kind of work”. Participating in the Touching the Community Soul program has been a source of inspiration for us.”
Gonnie Been, Manager corporate communications Microsoft Netherlands.

“Participation in Touching the Community Soul teaches us to look differently at our environment and influences our thinking and acting. It has brought us inspiring and innovating insights and breakthroughs in furthering the sustainable and people-oriented development of our organization.”
Marc Otto, member of the Board of directors Deltion.

“Thieme Meulenhoff participates in Touching the Community Soul in order to raise the consciousness of our managers, enabling them to learn and allowing them to make the connection with their own essence and from there with others, in such a way that the full potential of an organization can be mobilized better.”
Ron Kevenaar, Financial director Thieme Meulenhoff.

“We have participated for a number of years now. Meanwhile the invisible power of the program has influenced everyone all the way to the top of our organization. We notice that we have gained more perseverance and that is the reason we find more sustainable solutions for the issues we are working on.”
Ineke de Bruin, director Care of Lucertis, division of the Parnassia Group.

A selection from the more personal testimonials:

I would like to give a 5 (maximum score), because in my opinion the program is a beautiful mix of theory, practice, experience and self discovery.
There are not many programs that have brought me so much.
Never before has a course created so much change for me as well as in my environment.