With a group of 35-50 participants (fellow researchers) we create a journey to experience and embody what future organizations look like. The program runs November 2019 to November 2020.

The core of the program consists of 5 fora of 2.5 days. In each session we take a deep dive on one topic. In each forum we invite inspiring guests operating at the leading edge from all over the world.
1. The world view of interconnectedness
exploring new ways to look at organizations
In this session you will explore, experience, understand, and embody a world view that offers to unlock potential. We take a deep dive on the latest of ‘new science’ including complexity theory and the design principles it offers. We link to the framework that has been developed in the first ten years of the program.
Dates: 13-15 November 2019
2. Synchronicity as organising principle
exploring the reality of energy & information
Next to experiencing several practices to work with energy and getting an understanding of how they work and can be applied we capture the essence of working with Synchronicity in an organizational context. What do organizations look like that adopt these practices? How does it impact people and outcomes?
Dates: 11-13 March 2020
3. Embedding love at the heart of Human Centric Organizations
exploring the reality of relations.
Nowadays in most organizations managerial patterns are based on fear – or at least the ‘carrot and the stick’. In this session we discover what it takes to let ‘love’/’passion’ be driver of our behaviour and how to make the shift from ‘fear’ to ‘love’. How to use ‘radical’ acceptance as a way to diminish stress and how to embed compassion as a core. In this session we also introduce a method to measure consciousness in an organizational context.
Dates: 24-26 June 2020
4. Shaping 21st century human centric organization
exploring the reality of action and matter
Context as driver of behaviour is undervalued. In this session we collect an overview of liberating practices that will help you to lighten up your organization. So far, we have collected 150 practices that we will share and help you choose from. In this session we will also work on how to guide (self-organizing) teams towards flow.
Dates: 14-16 September 2020
5. The change
exploring the key transformational principles for 21st century organizations
In this final and integrative session, we do a deep dive to understand what ignites and guides transformation based on analysis of many transformational practices. This will help you to shape transformational processes yourself. The core of this session is to ensure that all discoveries are translated into practice.
Dates: 11-13 November 2020
We notice that we gained the endurance to work towards more sustainable solutions for the questions we are facing.”
In a world of exponential change, the inner state of leaders is crucial to be able to sense what is going on, what is needed and act in an instant. Doing so we can tap into the infinite potential that is always available to us. Hence, we have chosen to include three foundational practices into to the program. In each session these get explicit attention trained. These are:
Becoming present
Root yourself deeply into the present moment and using attention & intention to manifest.
Using intuition consciously
Discover your deep wisdom within and learn how to use your inner knowing.
Working from the whole
Learn to think systemically and be beyond separateness to encompass the whole.
The program has the explicit intention to help you bring change to your organization. We support your journey with;
The program starts with a 3-hour tailored session with the participating team of your organization to experience and discover the unique contribution to and value of participating in the program.
Transfer sessions
In between sessions the faculty works intensively with each organization that participates to help transfer the insights into the organization. A team of minimally three members is required.